Undergraduate Works (2011 - 2015)

This series of work considers sexualised themes which fuse humour, titillation and irony, whilst also exploring the relationship between an elevated painterly discourse and the depraved: this could be seen as an ironic critique of the formal qualities of painting. These themes are sometimes considered in relation to the appropriation of text and how this changes the context of my work. Existentially charged scenarios are placed in relation to notions of Absurdity and the Grotesque. I make visual plays on associations, pre-existing conceptions and interpretations of words and images. Inherent to the contemporary use of traditional painting techniques is the idea of Kitsch; I use this as a tool to strengthen my work conceptually. The medium of paint and its many variations are critiqued just as much as the subject matter itself as I interrogate the formal qualities of paint by juxtaposing painterly techniques.